Brian Hodges

Thank you for the opportunity to move forward in the application process! 


Monty is my friend's dog but he lives with me on occasion. My favorite colors are red, white and blue and his are the stars and stripes. The most loyal dog south of the Mason-Dixon line.


First thing I would do is start planning out a new website for The Dogist. Then I would start working on a calendar and plotting out shoots and deadlines in a project management system. We'd have to do an afternoon shoot in the park with pups and grab a pint to wrap up the day.


I love big dogs. I love old dogs. If I can meet a big dog AND an old dog, I'm sold. I've just been drawn to their calmer nature and loyalty. I just love Mailey. You can tell she's been a good dog for a long time.


You need to have a non-Tumblr website. Your brand is obviously very strong and only growing, but you are missing some big-time marketing opportunities by not having a site you own. I would love to help you develop a high quality website to show off all the great work.


You are missing out on the puppy mill legislation issue in Arkansas.

There are very few laws prohibiting overbreeding and overcrowding at breeder locations. Just this past week, nearly 300 dogs were rescued from a breeder in Arkansas. Arkansas is not the only state that needs to pass stronger legislation either. It is a problem throughout the South.

I fostered two Great Pyrenees that were rescued from a puppy mill last year, and I will foster at least one of the dogs from the aforementioned puppy mill raid from last week.

Here are a few links to help educate on the issue.


I would love to travel to the Pyrenees Mountains in France and Spain. I would love to explore the roots of the Great Pyrenees breed. I'd love to shoot a Pyrenees in action protecting it's sheep.


My most guilty pleasure is loving cheesy romantic comedies. I just buy into all the tricks and invest the story wayyyy too much. Some of my favorites: Fever Pitch, Music and Lyrics, and Serendipity.