Brian Hodges

I am an art director and graphic designer based out of Little Rock, Arkansas looking for new opportunities and adventures. I've been following The Dogist for a year or so and when I saw the post about hiring an assistant, I was instantly interested and inspired. Instead of the typical cover letter, I've detailed why I would be a great fit for the Photo/Administrative Assistant position.

Love for dogs

The dogs you see above are a few that I've fostered through a local rescue organization over the past year.

Organizational Skills

As an art director at a boutique marketing firm, I end up wearing many different hats. One of the most important hats I wear is my website designer hat. Every website that comes through our agency ends up going through me at some point. To build websites with 50+ pages, there needs to be great organization. I help develop site maps and content outlines to ensure the information is organized properly and efficiently. My experience with web design, branding and many other creative executions would serve to help build The Dogist brand. 

Written & Verbal Skills

I regularly present design solutions and other creative executions to clients. I will prepare a presentation document, share creative vision and guide the client through the creative process. I also have a journalism/writing background. 

Social Media Proficiency

I develop email newsletter and social media campaigns as part of my duties at my current agency. I also love Twitter and Instagram and always stay up-to-date on the latest platforms and best practices. I'm also HubSpot Inbound Certified.

Photo Experience

As an art director, I regularly work with photographers. If photography is needed for a project, I'll work directly with the photographer to scout locations, get talent and execute the shoot. I typically direct the photographer but I also help with lighting setup and photo editing.


I live in Arkansas currently. It's a great state for hiking, so I try to take advantage of the trails as much as I can.