The Athletic Clubs

The Athletic Clubs operate four of the finest health and fitness clubs in the South. They have a large membership that is actively engaged in their culture. The Athletic Clubs never had a budget for marketing until they started working with Thoma. They needed a visual identity that reflects their brand of great customer service, excellent facilities and an unmatched community of members.

So we started from the ground up by designing a new logo and developing an ad campaign to get their new message out. The Athletic Clubs brand communicates their message through sharp, caught-in-the-moment photography and friendly script type.

2015 Little Rock Silver ADDY - Integrated Campaign

2015 Little Rock Bronze ADDY - Poster Campaign

Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure

Working at Thoma Thoma full-time, I'm blessed with opportunities to work for an array of clients. One of my favorite clients is Komen Arkansas Race for the Cure. It's easy to create inspiring work when there are inspiring people and an inspiring cause involved.

Working with Wade McCune, Chach Bursey and Komen Arkansas, we created a poster series centered around the theme, "Move. Be Moved." We elected to share cancer survivor, supporter and sponsor stories through powerful portraits (donated by Dero Sanford) and letting them tell their own story.

2015 Little Rock Silver ADDY - Integrated Campaign

2015 Little Rock Bronze ADDY - Lindsay Ad

2015 Little Rock Bronze ADDY - Jalicia Ad

Beethoven & Blue Jeans

Without a doubt the most casual event on the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra calendar, Beethoven & Blue Jeans welcomes a laid-back atmosphere with the members of orchestra donning their best Levi's to perform familiar Beethoven classics. I knew this poster needed to be printed on denim. Working with a local silkscreening company, we printed the design onto flat sheets of denim, stretched the denim around a frame like a painting and voilà!

2015 Little Rock Gold ADDY - Denim Canvas

2015 Little Rock Gold ADDY - Campaign

2015 District 10 Silver ADDY - Denim Canvas

2015 District 10 Silver ADDY - Campaign

One Eleven at the Capital

The Capital Hotel in Little Rock is one of the most venerable institutions in the South. When it came time to renovate, rename and redesign their upscale, on-site restaurant, the table was set for the creation of a great new restaurant brand.

By moving away from carpeted floors and white tablecloths and making their menu more approachable, the team behind One Eleven at the Capital needed a look that matched the growing trend of comfortable, upscale dining. By using a bold, deep red and vintage-style illustrations of food to be featured, I, along with help from others at Thoma, created a brand for One Eleven that harkened back to the heritage of the hotel while bringing a modern identity.

2015 Little Rock Silver ADDY - Teaser Ad


Every holiday season, along with sending out a holiday card, Thoma Thoma donates $1,000 to a local charity. In 2014, Thoma donated to a charity to help provide holiday gifts for families that couldn't provide gifts for themselves. What better way to announce the gift than by sending out a toy airplane!

2015 Little Rock Gold Addy

ASO Designer House

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra Guild needed a cohesively branded series of invitations for four very unique parties to promote the ASOG Designer House 2013. Using mosaic tiles and the Vorticism movement in British art as inspiration, I incorporated the beverage of choice from each party into each distinct design.

2014 Little Rock Bronze ADDY